Transform Your Hospitality Workforce into Cohesive, Productive, Team Players

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Hospitality industry employee turnover is a multi-faceted problem.  It’s not as simple as “hire the right people” or “have a more positive culture.”  It’s much more about giving your people the tools and skills to perform, no matter the challenge.  When they experience success and feel valued, they stay! Yes, you CAN successfully overcome the employee turnover problem in your organization.

Don Kermath is the Hospitality Human Resources, Communications, and Connections expert that has been empowering hospitality leaders to transform their workforce into productive, cohesive, team-players who stay for the long haul, and contribute to innovation and excellence on the job. 

If that sounds like a miracle task, you need Don’s influence in your organization more than ever.  He’ll help your teams to go from infighting, not listening, and disengaged to growing and accomplishing great things together.  All of this is possible while you improve your ability to attract and retain top talent and remain competitive in the face of increased competition.

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Is this YOU?

  1. You need customized content adapted for your audience, not the same old stuff everyone has heard already
  2. You don’t want to pay extra for customization
  3. You enjoy a dynamic speaker who appeals to varied learning styles
  4. You want a speaker who is both entertaining and informative
  5. You like knowing attendees will be happy with the speaker
  6. You want your attendees to have actionable information to use immediately
  7. You are looking for a speaker who reduces your stress, not increase it

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Featured Presentations

Why Didn’t You Hear What I Was Thinking?

Discover the Active Listening Techniques That Will Make You A Master Communicator

This highly customized and consultative program empowers your hospitality staff with the skills to finally effectively communicate.  After their time with Don they’ll be able to accurately receive messages and also deliver a strong message that resonates. PLUS, your audience will discover …

  • Why Their Presentations Suck, and how to transform them into powerful persuasion and information delivery tools
  • How to Kill the Endless Meeting in favor of a productively structured meeting that actually IMPROVES PRODUCTIVITY
  • How to Persuade by Setting Fire to Your Logic – in other words, you’ll know how to get people on board by tapping into their emotions

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Creating Connections That Work

This program is designed to help you and your hospitality employees connect with one another to be more cohesive, more productive, and happier too.  Your audience will walk away better equipped to create meaningful, deeper connections with one another.  Plus …

  • They’ll get a deeper understanding of the differences between men and women and how to leverage that information to connect with anyone
  • Discover why you should move to a place called gratitude
  • How to negotiate and get what you deserve, even when dealing with “prickly” people
  • Why YOU are a difficult person, and you’re more powerful than you know
  • Why You Must Be Present to Win

How To Hire & Retain Top Talent & Know When To Cut Em Loose

The superstar hunt is a lot easier than you might think.  This comes down to finding out what people really want.  This program is designed to empower your hospitality hiring managers to build a great team and keep them.  Your audience will also discover:

  • How to Find Superstar Hospitality Employees in 3 Minutes – yes, in 3 minutes you can eliminate the chaff so the wheat rises to the top which makes hiring the right people a LOT easier
  • Why You Hire the Wrong Person, and what to do to prevent it
  • How to Get Honest Answers to Interview Questions
  • The One Question You Should Ask Every Applicant
  • Why You Should Fire Most Hospitality Employees the First Week no matter how good they look on paper

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